Silky Touch Skin Pack Cotton


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The cotton pad which is optimized for a toner sheet mask

What it is: Skin pack-optimized cotton pad that delivers the maximum amount of moisture to your skin even with a small amount of toner.



  • Optimized for toner sheet mask
    Fluffy , sponge-like cotton pad moisturizes the skin even with a small amount of toner. Great for using as a toner sheet mask since it sticks perfectly well onto your skin.
  • Cotton pad with a soft, silky texture
    This ultimate gentle cotton pad touches your skin softly like silk without causing any irritation. Doesn’t create any lint when patting, wiping, or using as a toner sheet mask.




  1. Use 2-3 pumps of toner or other liquid products and wipe your face gently.



  1. Separate the sheet along the incision line and soak the pad with a toner.
    Place the cotton pads on your cheeks and use as at toner sheet masks.


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